About baum clinic

For your own peace of mind, only go for tampons made from 100% organic cotton. Our products are made from certified organic cotton only.

About baum clinic

Quality and safety, for every woman

Products you buy, have to be good in every sense of the word.

That is our starting point and you can hold us to account: we stand for quality, safety and sustainability. Without hiding anything. Clear and transparent.

Isn't that what you want as a woman? Especially when it comes to products that you use for your body.

Frequently asked questions

The tampons are made of cotton, and nothing else. Even the string. Only natural resources are used for the cultivation of cotton, and no chemical or artificial substances are used during production.We use hydrogen peroxide to bleach our cotton, a natural substance that does not leave a residue.

Cotton is a natural product, that has a significant natural capacity for absorption, feels soft to the touch and is breathable. Cotton is also hypoallergenic, so that the chance of irritations is limited.

We get our cotton from all over the world, from places where organic cotton is cultivated.

This cotton is used to make our tampons in Germany.

The tampons from baum clinic are available at the stores below.If you want to order them online, please check the websites of these stores.

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Yes, our tampons are 100 % secure

They are made of the natural material cotton, and nothing else. The cotton is 100 % certified organic, which means that they do not contain residue of chemical pesticides. No chemical or artificial substances have been added during production.

Furthermore, our unique pressing method minimizes the chance of leaking, even if you keep the tampons in for up to 8 hours.

The size you need depends on your menstruation. Mini is suitable for a small amount of blood, super is the right choice for a large amount of blood.

Note: always use a tampon that’s suitable for how much blood you lose. Don’t pick a tampon with a higher absorption level just to be sure.

Maybe you can use a smaller size at the start and end of your period than in the middle. Mini is also the best choice if you’re going to be using tampons for the first time.

•    Wash your hands.
•    Sit on the toilet in a relaxed position or put one foot on the toilet seat.
•    Are you inserting a tampon for the first time? Use a tampon with a smaller size, the mini.
•    Unwrap the tampon and pull on the string, so that it will hang down properly.
•    Keep your middle finger or index finger against the bottom of the tampon and push it inside. The string will hang on the outside.
•    Do not push it further.
•    The tampon is placed correctly if you don’t feel anything. Do you feel it? In that case, there are two possibilities:
•    The tampon isn’t far enough inside you. Push it a little further. Maybe this will be easier if you lie down on your bed.
•    The tampon didn’t go straight, and it’s a little crumpled. Take it out and get a new tampon.

It’s possible to leave our tampons in for 8 hours without problems. The tampons are made to provide complete protection for 8 hours.

However, we advise you to replace your tampon every 4 to 6 hours, if possible. This way, you can minimize the risks.

Just like with all other tampons, you can go swimming while you’re using baum clinic tampons. It’s a good idea to insert a new tampon directly after swimming, because the water may have expanded the tampon, so that it won’t absorb anything else.

Our tampons also offer complete protection at night. Leave it in for a maximum of 8 hours, and then replace your tampon.

Yes, working out with a tampon from baum clinic is no problem. You won’t feel it, and it will offer complete protection against leaking.

No, you can’t. If you flush them, it may cause a leak.

The tampons from baum clinic are organic and fully degradable. But all tampons are made to absorb fluid, so that is what they’ll do. As a result, they will expand even further, so that they will get stuck in the pipes and cause a blockage in the toilet.

There is no use-by date on a box or individual tampons. As long as a tampon is wrapped in foil, you can use it.

Yes, the tampons from baum clinic are fully biodegradable. Because they are made of cotton, which is a natural product.

The foil is the only part that is not biodegradable.

The cotton is compostable, because it is fully organic. 

But we advise against putting your tampons in your own compost pile. The tampons have been inside your body, which means that there may be – hidden – pathogens on it. Extremely high temperatures are needed to kill these pathogens, that you will normally not reach with your own compost pile.

Dispose your tampons with the general waste after use.

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