Organic tampons, free from undesirable substances

The list of ingredients of our organic tampons is short: cotton. The story of our tampons is actually a story of what is not used. Because no artificial, poisonous or chemical substances are added, not during cultivation and not during production. Because you only want organic substances in your body.

What does it mean: completely natural tampons?

The tampons of baum clinic have a unique combination of three features: 100 % cotton and 100 % organic and naturally produced.

100 % cotton

At first sight, all tampons seem to be made of cotton. But this is not always the case. Aside from cotton, a lot of tampons also contain viscose, also referred to as artificial silk or rayon. This is in the absorbing center, where you can’t see it.

Free from viscose

Some will claim that viscose is a natural fiber, since it is made of wood pulp. But it is this wood pulp that makes a tampon with viscose a non-organic tampon.

Wood pulp consists of tiny pieces of wood, that still need to be turned into fibers. The only way to do this is by treating the pulp with chemical substances, such as carbon disulphide, sodium hydroxide and sulphuric acid.

Pure cotton tampons do not need this extra treatment, which means that they are free from any contaminating substances.

Free from plastic and synthetic materials

And then there is the shell of the absorbing center. Without this shell, most tampons will fluff when they are used, and leave behind mini fibers in your body.

This shell is often made of synthetic materials, such as polyethene or polypropylene. Sometimes the string is also made of plastic.

Our tampons do not need this extra layer, because with the way our tampons are pressed, they will not leave behind a single lint. This means that the whole tampon is made of cotton, including the string.

100 % organic, free from chemicals

All cotton tampons are natural tampons, right? Partly, because most cotton has high yield thanks to millions of liters of poison. All over the world 15 to 20% of all pesticides are used on cotton.

Not a single drop of poison is used to make the natural tampons of baum clinic. They are guaranteed free from – any remnants – of chemical pesticides. These are certified organic tampons.

Naturally produced: free from chloride and dioxins

Aside from the origin of the cotton, the production of the tampons that you buy in the store is also important. All of these tampons are white. This seems logical, after all cotton itself is also white, right? But there’s a little more to it. When cotton is processed it turns a little grey, so it will look like it’s not completely clean.

That’s why tampons are always bleached. In the past, this was done with chloride. Through this bleaching process, carcinogenic dioxins end up in the tampons.

We only use hydrogen peroxide to bleach our tampons. This is an innocent substance, consisting of water with an extra oxygen atom.

Natural production: free from perfume

There is more to be said about the production process from raw materials to tampons. With some tampons, perfume is added to prevent unpleasant odors.

We do not add perfume to our organic tampons. We want to make sure that our tampons do not cause allergic reactions.

Just: cotton

The story of our organic tampons is short: just cotton.

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