Cotton tampons, because you want the best of nature

Tampons of baum clinic are made of 100 % cotton. Even the little string. What does that mean?

There is nothing more natural than cotton tampons. The plant is in the soil, growing and growing, for almost a whole year. Until the flowers appear at the end of the season. Just a little longer and then the seeds will appear, that will grow the white balls of fluff. All those balls of fluff will be taken off the plant.

Only after the harvest, the cotton fluffs will go inside for the first time, in large hallways. This is where the natural cotton will be used to make our organic tampons. That’s all. There’s no more to it.

Cotton tampons for your sensitive skin

Take good care of yourself and use cotton tampons. They are the best choice for sensitive skin. If you often get allergic reactions, cotton is also the best option for you, because cotton is hypoallergenic. This limits the chance of irritations considerably.

Pure cotton has even more benefits. This natural product absorbs moisture, and the fibers will let air through. Cotton is well known for its breathable features. It’s also soft to the touch.

Organic cotton is extra good for you

The cotton tampons from baum clinic are 100% organic. This means that only natural tools are used during cultivation, in order to repel harmful insects. With standard cultivation, it’s possible that remnants of the chemical pesticides will be on the cotton, so that they may end up in the tampons. Even if it’s only a little, you do not want these substances in your body.

Without chemical and artificial substances

So our cotton is just pure cotton. Without added artificial substances, even during production. As a result, you can be sure that there is no perfume, chloride, dioxins or plastic in our products.

More advantages of baum clinic - Free from undesirable substances