The tampons do not fluff. Never.

You just press some cotton together in the shape of a tube and you will get a tampon. This is the essence of tampons. Simple, right?

No. Just try pressing some cotton pads together. You’ll soon notice: no matter how hard you press, they are still loose balls. If you put them in a glass of water, you will end up with a murky mass. When you take the cotton pads back out, small fibers will be left behind in the glass.

Tampons without fluffs

This is not what you want with tampons. Tampons are supposed to come out of your body the way they went in. Completely intact. Without any residue or fluff staying behind.

Most tampon manufacturers solve the fluff problem by putting a plastic or synthetic fiber shell around the absorbing center. Still, sometimes women notice that the tampon has started coming apart and fluffing up.

Unique pressing method to guarantee a lack of fluff

At baum clinic, we have another way of dealing with the fluff problem. We do not put a layer of plastic around the pressed cotton, because we only want to use natural materials. That’s why we press our tampons in a unique way.

Tampon remains intact

We can proudly announce the result: tampons from baum clinic are completely fluff-free. Because of the unique pressing method, the tampon will remain whole.

You can test it yourself, by putting a tampon in a glass of water. Check again after 8 hours: the tampon is still fully intact.

Why is fluff-free important?

First of all: you can be sure that no fluff will stay behind in your body. None at all.

Furthermore, the pressing method will make sure that the tampon expands the same way on all sides. This is comfortable, and it will minimize the risk of leaking. That’s why you can leave tampons from baum clinic in for eight hours, without the risk of leaking and without any fluff being left behind.

It is recommended to change tampons regularly. Every four to six hours is the standard.

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