Tampons made from 100% Organic cotton

Organic tampons, because you care about yourself and about the planet

Tampons from baum clinic are made of 100% certifiedorganic cotton. What does that mean?

There is a green haze over the fields. The little cotton plants are just sticking their tips above the ground. All kinds of creatures are moving around on and under the ground. And later, when the cotton has grown some more, bees and other insects will find an abundance of food here.

Nature as an ally

These are the fields where the cotton grows for our organic tampons. This means that farmers turn nature into their ally to grow their crops. Because all of these creatures in and on the ground, the bees and other insects: they all help to prevent diseases and pests.

In non-organic cotton there is no attention for nature. Diseases, pests and weeds are killed with pesticides and the plants get their nutrition from chemical fertilizer. As a result, the soil becomes exhausted and the groundwater becomes contaminated. It will also have a negative impact for the farmer, because using pesticides can be very bad for their health.

Guaranteed clean

Things are very different at a certified organic company. Here, cotton farmers don’t use any chemical pesticides. For example, to fight harmful insects they use other insects or plant extracts. They remove weeds by hand or with special machines, and instead of using chemical fertilizer, the farmers spread natural, organic fertilizer over the land. Furthermore, the seed is guaranteed to be free from genetically modified organisms (gmo).

Good for the environment and good for people

The result is clearly visible and noticeable. The area is lush and green. Plenty of fish in the lakes, insects that fly from flower to flower, and birds that call to each other high in the sky. Employees don’t have to worry about their health. The region also benefits, because no remnants of pesticides end up in the drinking water.

You can be sure of it: the organic tampons of baum clinic are safe and reliable.

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