100 % safe, for the best tampons

baum clinic stands for 100 % security.

That is why we choose the best tampons:

  • 100 % organic cotton. Our tampons are free from chemical and artificial substances.
  • 100 % cotton. Our tampons are extra soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic. They also offer complete protection against leaking.
  • unique pressing method. Our tampons do not release fibers or lint that may be left behind in your body.
  • Production without extra additions such as perfume. Our tampons are free from all substances that may lead to irritation.
  • We bleach our cotton with hydrogen peroxide. This way, we can guarantee that our tampons are free from chloride and dioxins.
  • Certified by the Soil Association. This independent organization monitors the quality of our products, and guarantees that we sell what we promise to sell: 100 % organic tampons, certified with a GOTS quality mark.