100% Organic

Certified organic cotton. That is 100% good for you and good for nature.

100% organic
Why baum clinic
Why baum clinic

Cotton tampons, because you want the best of nature

Tampons of baum clinic are made of 100 % cotton. Even the little string. What does that mean?

There is nothing more natural than cotton tampons. The plant is in the soil, growing and growing, for almost a whole year. Until the flowers appear at the end of the season. Just a little longer and then the seeds will appear, that will grow the white balls of fluff. All those balls of fluff will be taken off the plant.

Benefits of cotton
Why baum clinic

Organic tampons, free from undesirable substances

The list of ingredients of our organic tampons is short: cotton. The story of our tampons is actually a story of what is not used. Because no artificial, poisonous or chemical substances are added, not during cultivation and not during production. Because you only want organic substances in your body.

What does it mean: completely natural tampons?

The tampons of baum clinic have a unique combination of three features: 100 % cotton and 100 % organic and naturally produced.


More about baum clinic
Why baum clinic

The tampons do not fluff. Never.

You just press some cotton together in the shape of a tube and you will get a tampon. This is the essence of tampons. Simple, right?

No. Just try pressing some cotton pads together. You’ll soon notice: no matter how hard you press, they are still loose balls. If you put them in a glass of water, you will end up with a murky mass. When you take the cotton pads back out, small fibers will be left behind in the glass.

Safe to use
Why baum clinic

Security and complete protection

With our tampons, you will feel completely secure. Always, no matter the circumstances.

The protection against leaking is perfect. This has to do with the unique pressing method of the tampons.


Safe & Effective